It’s no better time than now to become a nurse. Growing demand, plenty of opportunity, and job security. Nursing careers offer tons of advancement and plenty of different career paths to pursue. However, when you are just getting started or building your nursing career it might be difficult to get your career taking off the way you want. This article is here to help. Learn 7 tips to jumpstart your nursing career in 2019.

7 Tips To Jumpstart Your Nursing Career In 2019

Are you a new nurse? How about a nurse who has a few years under your belt without the upward mobility you were hoping for? If you need a shot in the arm, check out these 7 tips to jumpstart your nursing career in 2019.

  1. Grow your education. A growing number of healthcare centers want nurses to hold their BSN. If you are an active nurse who doesn’t have a BSN, be sure you start there. If you do already have your BSN, the next step is to get your masters. Education is one of the biggest tips of the 7 tips to jumpstart your nursing career in 2019. The easiest way to grow you education is by listening to nursing podcasts to learn from other nurses that share the same experiences. 
  2. Follow your passion. As a nurse, there are plenty of specialties you can select. Each specialty can offer its own level of career advancement. While certain specialties are more popular than others, one way to advance your career is to find your passion and stick with it. If you are looking for a bit more, some nurses will even try taking on certain specialties that continue to rise in 2019.
  3. Find a nursing mentor. No matter how many years you have been a RN, having someone with more experience guide you is critical if you are looking to jumpstart your nursing career in 2019. Mentors offer so much value. They can give you advice in specific situations. They can be someone to lean on when you’ve had a bad day. Even more, nurses can introduce you to more people and help you find your next job or move forward in your career.
  4. Become a mentor. Just as good as it is to find a mentor you can lean on, it’s also good to give back to others. Being a mentor to someone else can also open doors to you. It can also give you some recognition.
  5. Join a professional membership. Joining a professional membership offers a lot of opportunity to meet more people. The more people you met, the more opportunity you will have to open more doors. It also always you to learn from others.
  6. Establish your elevator pitch. Many nurses need to do their own horn tooting. With a growing industry the opportunity is there to move forward. However, many nurses need to learn how to sell themselves and leave the listener wanting to learn more. This is an especially useful talent during formal interviews.
  7. Become a travel nurse. Travel nurses offer a variety of benefits and advantages for nurses. Travel nurses are 13-week assignments. You can meet more people, learn new skills, and try new specialties. All while working 13-weeks. No strings attached after your assignment ends. You can pick up and move to your next assignment. Then when you’ve learned enough or if travel nursing opens your door to a perm nursing job, you can end your travel nursing adventure. Pro Tip: Don’t forget to look into things such as nursing shoes, compression socks for nurses, and the best scrub brands to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible during your long shifts.

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