According to Blue Pipes and Wikipedia, there are over 300 travel nursing companies in the US. For travel nurses, that number is great because there are plenty of travel nursing companies to work with. But how do you choose the right travel nurse company? Who is the best travel nursing company?

How to Determine The Best Travel Nursing Company?

There are several ways to determine the best travel nurse company. One way several people turn to is asking their friends or co-workers. However, there are other ways to find the best travel nurse company for you.

Another common way to determine the best travel nursing company is to use third party sources like Travel Nursing Central, Travel Nurse Source, Blue Pipes, and Highway Hypodermics. When you review these sources, you will see Host Healthcare listed as a best travel nursing company.

Use Online Reviews

Another common way travel nurses identify the best travel nursing company is looking at other travel nurse reviews. A common place to find reviews are social media sites. If you look at sites like Google reviews & Facebook reviews, you will see that Host Healthcare is rated a 4.9 out of 5.

If you read these reviews it’s clear to see that Host Healthcare is the best travel nursing company. In fact, several travelers book multiple assignments with Host Healthcare.

What Makes Host Healthcare The Best Travel Nursing Company?

Several adjectives are used to describe why Host Healthcare is the best travel nursing company. Words like “caring, going above and beyond, listened to me, & make me feel special” are frequently used.

Host Healthcare is also the best travel nursing company for new travelers. Traveler Kelly Melber via Google reviews said Host Healthcare and recruiter Caitlin listened to what she wanted in an assignment.

“As a new traveler, I did a lot of research about different companies and spoke to several recruiters before I started my journey. A friend referred me to Host Healthcare, and they have been amazing to work with! My recruiter, Caitlin Pullen, has been so nice and helpful. She has continued to listen to what I want for jobs and was quick to connect me with my first hospital in the city I was hoping for! She still checks in on me every week and is always available to connect. I won’t be traveling with anyone else!”

Host Healthcare Travel Nurse

Host Healthcare offers an extensive list of travel nurse jobs. In addition, call specific recruiter directly or if you don’t have a recruiter, call (844) 812-8094 and one of our friendly recruiters will be happy to help.