One of the benefits of having a travel therapy job is your salary. As a travel therapist, your salary is higher than a permanent-position nurse. The median compensation for a permanent nurse according to is $82,717 per year. Many travel nurses with acute-care experience earn over $100,000 per year when all benefits and allowances are included. If you are looking to make more money as a travel therapist you might be asking how to increase your travel therapy salary. This article will outline how to increase your travel therapy salary.

How To Increase Your Travel Therapy Salary

Remember It’s All About Location. There is tons of statistics out there about which states offer the highest travel therapy salary. Working in a state like California would be a great answer to the question how to increase your travel therapy salary. However, states like California also have high cost of living. Be sure to factor in more than just your salary when determining where you want to work.

Gain More Experience. How to increase your travel therapy salary? Take more travel therapy assignments. The assignments you have under your belt, the more opportunity there is to make more money. More assignments also allow you to be more selective when picking your next assignments.

Work In The Right Setting. There are many factors that alter the travel therapy salary. The type of employment you select is one of those factors when you think about how to increase your travel therapy salary. According to US News, the top-paying place of employment is home health care services ($98,230). Schools ($95,110), nursing care facilities ($92,670), and retirement communities ($91,760) round out the other top settings.

Take Advantage Of Housing Subsidy. When you take the housing subsidy instead of taking corporate housing you can earn more money. While company provided housing is simple, it uses all of your housing dollars. If you find your own housing, you could certainly save money.

Become More Specialized. When you are more specialized, you can increase your travel therapy salary. Most facilities are looking for specialized therapists so the more education you receive will help you make more money. When you work with Host Healthcare, we offer free unlimited CEUs for our therapy new grads travelers.

Refer A Traveler. As a travel therapist, odds are you know another travel therapist or someone who would make a great travel therapist. Many travel therapy agencies offer refer a program. At Host Healthcare, we offer a great refer a traveler program. When you refer a travel therapist with Host Healthcare, you can earn a cool $1,000.

Hopefully after reading this article you have learned how to increase your travel therapy salary. These tips were meant to give you insight on how to increase your travel therapy salary. Here are also 5 ways to make more money as a travel therapist.

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