One of the questions we often get asked is about making friends as a travel nurse. Whether you’re a new traveler, a long-time traveler, or just getting started in your travel nursing planning, this question will likely pop up somewhere along your journey. 

And it is absolutely valid. 

You might be a full-on extrovert. You might be an introvert. You might be an ambivert who loves meeting new people but loves snuggling with a good book equally as much. No matter what kind of traveler you consider yourself, making new friends in a new place can feel scary and challenging. 

We’re here to ease that brilliant, adventurous soul of yours. There are so many creative ways to make friends as a traveling nurse. 

Tips Before You Travel

If you’re in the planning stages of your nomadic nurse journey, there are plenty of ways you can build your compadre catalog before even hopping on the first jet. 

  • Join a Facebook travel nurse group in your assignment city – We guarantee other travel nurses and traveling healthcare professionals are looking for friends in their new cities, too, so there’s a good chance a Facebook community group exists. Join before you go so you can build connections early. 
  • Connect virtually with your fellow staff nurses Hop onto your new healthcare facility’s directory and send a social media friend request to your fellow registered nurse. If they’re local to the area, they’ll be a wonderful resource to show you the best of the city. 
  • Create a new city must-do list Okay, as a traveler, this might already be top-of-mind. While you’re scoping out hiking trails and top Mediterranean restaurants, don’t forget to consider activities that allow you to meet people in the process. Think pub crawls, walking tours, museum talks, even cooking classes. 

Making Friends While Travel Nursing

In the midst of travel assignments, life can get busy. You’re getting your bearings about a new city, you’re pouring your heart into patient care, and you’re keeping up with loved ones. 

Making new friends is one of the many incredible benefits of starting a new travel nursing job—and it’s easier than you think. 

  • Set a coffee date with your new coworkers. Of course, the easiest place to meet new people will be at your new healthcare facility. But don’t just rely on working hours. Organize a coffee or cocktails outing for the group to connect outside the scrubs. 
  • Reserve a bar stool for one. If you’re a foodie or cocktail connoisseur, pick out the to-die-for restaurant on your wishlist and prop up at the bar after a shift. You’re bound to meet other solo travelers, or at the very least, friendly bartenders with stellar local tips. 
  • Join a group sport. If you’d rather trade forks for field gear, check out organized sports leagues in the area. Many cities offer intramurals at all levels, so you can feel comfortable and enjoy a nice workout while building team connections. 
  • Check out a comedy club. If you love to laugh, it makes sense to seek comedy-loving friends. The tables in most comedy clubs are packed closely together, so it’s easy to strike up a conversation with the fun-loving folks around you. 
  • Join a book club. So maybe thrumming clubs and floor hockey fields aren’t your scene. If you’d rather cozy up with a blanket and a book on Saturday night, we guarantee you’ll find others who share your passion for plot and coziness. Reach out to a local library or independent book shop to see if there are any ongoing book clubs you can drop in on. 
  • Volunteer in your new community. This option packs multiple benefits. You get to know your new city, help people and places in need, and make new friends who enjoy doing the same heart-driven work. 
  • Check out the local music scene. Even for travelers with hectic schedules, many cities offer live music at any time and day of the week. Meeting people at local live shows or concerts guarantees a similar interest with your new friend. 
  • Dine out at a supper club. Supper clubs are popping up all over the U.S. as an intimate gathering space for adventurous solo diners. Their family-style tables are perfect for sipping wine and sharing delicious food with a new friend. 
  • Become a mentor. If you’ve been on the travel nursing game for a while, why not share your travel nursing job advice and expertise with novice nurses? You can find a mentorship program that works within your schedule and meet other seasoned travel nurses like you. 

Journey To Lasting Friendship With Host Healthcare

Making friends as a travel nurse is all about doing more of what you love. When you seek activities that you’re passionate about, you’ll meet people who share those passions. 

At Host Healthcare, we’re making it easy to create the travel nursing life of your dreams. We help nurses at any level find the right travel assignment—from New York to San Diego. Whether you’re looking to explore the bustling streets of New York or the sunny beaches of California, making connections is part of the adventure. Discover the diverse opportunities in these vibrant locations by checking out our New York City travel nurse jobs or our travel nurse California jobs, where you can find not just a new job, but a new community.

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