We understand that moving into a temporary place can be stressful. Sometimes it doesn’t always go how you envisioned. You most likely have perfected your before-work, after-work, and/or weekend routine. You have your favorite coffee shop, dog groomer, farmer’s market, and cross-fit gym. Now you have landed and accepted an awesome new job opportunity that life has graciously provided for you! And you are only going to be away from home for 13 weeks! Yes, you will miss your favorite Mocha Frapp from around the corner and your dog’s hair cut may not be quite as hip… but guess what? This new opportunity was made for YOU. We promise that you will enjoy your next assignment and these tips will help make your new temporary place more homey.

Here are a few tips to make your new temporary place more homey!

-Find the facility; find things in relation to this location.

-Find your apartment; find things in relation to this location.

-Did you walk in and realize your place needs a little makeover? Give it a good scrub down before moving things in. It’s great peace-of-mind. You can also look into “saging” your space too if you are into that sort of thing. It needs furniture? Easy. Rent it at https://www.cort.com/furniture-rental or something similar of your choice.

-Find your favorites; Starbucks, Target, Whole Foods, Sports Authority, Bloomingdale’s, 24 Hour Fitness, etc. Take a day to drive around and explore. -Log onto the city website and verse yourself in what your new city prides itself on. You will also find farmer’s markets, festivals, and other fun (and free!) activities.

-Up for outdoor exploring? Log onto http://www.traillink.com/ and learn about what is around you.

-Lastly, don’t forget to bring photos of your loved ones and some of your favorite knick-knacks (or candles – scent is so powerfully evocative) to help make it feel that much more like home!

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