Being a travel therapist is an exciting career. There are several benefits that you only receive when you are a travel therapist. But despite the benefits and fun, it can be scary as you prepare for your first travel therapy assignment. How to overcome fear before your first travel therapy assignment? We asked some of our travel therapists to get their answers to this question.

How To Overcome Fear Before Your First Travel Therapy Assignment

Being part of the travel therapy workforce is exciting. But if you are nervous about your first assignment, check out some tips to help you overcome your fear from some of our travelers.

  • Travel therapist Jack talks about finding a place to stay for his family. “I was nervous about where my family would stay for 13-weeks. But my recruiter Jordan helped me find the perfect spot for my family. My advice is finding a great recruiter and lean on them for help.”
  • Travel therapist Kelly shared a common fear before her first travel therapy assignment. “I was definitely anxious about moving across the country and being so far away from home. In this type of situation, I have learned that you can’t question yourself or look back. You must trust your instincts and face your fears head on.”
  • Sherri mentioned being nervous before my first assignment because it was a completely new setting to me and I didn’t feel very confident. But how did she overcome her fear? “I turned my fears into a challenge and just kept doing my best. I was a fast learner, well received, and ended up getting offered requests to stay permanently everywhere I went.”

To learn more from our travel therapist on how to overcome fear before your first travel therapist assignment, check out our Featured Traveler of the Month section on our website. There are many answers on how to overcome fear before your first travel therapist assignment. Comment below with your answer.

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