Odds are, if you are a registered nurse, you are making pretty good money. In fact, a recent US News Money Report quotes the Bureau of Labor Statistics that the median salary for a registered nurse in 2016 was ~$69,000. Sounds pretty good right? However, the top 10 percent of RNs made just over $100,000. Not a bad salary at all. In looking at the other side of the bell curve, the bottom 10 percent made just under $47,000. Now you are probably asking yourself “How do I as a registered nurse make closer to the top 10 percent than the bottom 10 percent? One way to do that is to become a travel nurse. One travel nurse benefit is many travel nurses with acute-care experience earn over $100,000 per year when all travel nurse benefits and allowances are included. Interested? Great. But how do you make that kind of money? What is the secret to make more money as a travel nurse? You will learn those answers and more in this article.

The Secret To Make More Money As A Travel Nurse: Experiences Matter

As with most industries, there is a correlation between the experiences you have and the money you make. The same can be said for the nursing industry; whether you are a travel nurse or a non-travel nurse. Experience in this context isn’t just about the places you’ve worked. It’s much more than that. It’s the educational experiences you have. How far did you expand your education? Did you push yourself to earn the best education possible? Did you get advanced education?

Experiences also mean the people you encountered. Whether they were professional colleagues or patients you worked with. The experiences you have from meeting different types of people will most certainly correlate to you earning more money. From the obvious that a new work colleague could open a new door to you. To the not so obvious that the people you worked with could be something a new job is looking for.

The Secret To Make More Money As A Travel Nurse: How To Gain More Experiences

If you know understand that experiences matter to you making more money, the next logical question is, “How do I gain more experiences?” That answer is simple. Open yourself to experiences when they come knocking. As a travel nurse, that means taking more assignments. How do you get more assignments? One way is to not be so picky that you will only work in this location during days. A second way to get more assignments is to share your goals with your recruiter so that they can keep an eye out for assignments that will help you achieve your goals. Another way is to follow these 10 tips to get a travel nurse job.

As a travel nurse, when you take more assignments, you gain so much more experience. That experience can be leveraged when you are selling yourself for that dream job. Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t nickel and dime the small stuff.

The Secret To Make More Money As A Travel Nurse: Secret Revealed

As you have read this article the picture might now be coming into focus. If you have goals to make as much money as possible, gain more experiences. How do you gain more experiences? Increase your education and take more assignments. So what’s the secret to make more money as a travel nurse? Take more assignments. As you take more assignments you are gaining more first hand experience than your peers. That being said, you want to make sure you are taking assignments that are going to have you moving forward. That is where it is important to align yourself with a reputable company that has recruiters that care about you. At Host Healthcare, we really care about our travelers. We have processes in place and recruiters who will go above any beyond for you. This philosophy is what has allowed us to win The Spectrum Award of Excellence In Customer Service by City Beat News 4 consecutive years in a row.

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