Being a travel nurse comes with so many great benefits. From experiencing new places, to meeting new people, and building your resume, there are many rewarding benefits to being a travel nurse. With so many locations how to you determine the best cities for a travel nurse? We dove into many factors to determine the top 50 cities for travel nurses in 2018. We looked at things like quality of life, job opportunities, salary, cost of living, and things to do in the city.

Top 50 Cities For Travel Nurses in 2018

Top 50 Cities For Travel Nurses in 2018: Top 5 Cities For Travel Nurses in 2018

1) Durham, NC

Nursing jobs in North Carolina have increased by 19% over a 5-year period. In 2015, there were over 14,000 nursing jobs. With highly nationally ranked facilities starting with Duke University Hospital which was listed by U.S. News’ 2017-2018 list of best hospitals as highly respected facility. Other great facilities include Wake Forest Medical Center and University of North Carolina Hospitals in Chapel Hill, there is no shortage of prestige places to work in North Carolina. Other top factors are the lower than average cost of living. A one-bedroom apartment in North Carolina is 18% cheaper than the national average. If you are looking to one day buy, the property tax rate in North Carolina is 0.84%; 20th lowest in the U.S.

2) Houston, TX

Houston ranks high in many categories related to nurses and overall life. On the nursing side, Houston has the top cancer hospital, according to U.S. News’ 2017 – 2018 report of top hospitals. University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center is a well-respected facility and highly coveted facility. The average nurse salary is $70,000. With the cost of living lower than the national average, you can feel confident your money will go far in Houston. As a travel nurse in Texas, you can usually expect to make for than the average registered nurse.

3) Cleveland, OH

Remember as a travel nurse you are only at a location for a limited basis. While Cleveland might not be on your cities to visit on vacation, it is a great city for Ohio travel nurses to grow and strengthen your experience. Cleveland makes the #3 best city for a travel nurse because of the great experience you will receive working at one of three prestigious hospitals. Cleveland Clinic has been rated the second-best hospital by U.S. News over the past two years. It is also one of two facilities to be ranked in their top 5 in all major categories: cardiology, cancer, and orthopedics over the past two years.

4) Rochester, MN

The conversation on top hospitals starts and ends with the Mayo Clinic. Being ranked as the top hospital over the past two years demonstrates the high honors with the Mayo Clinic. Like the Cleveland Clinic, the Mayo Clinic is ranked in the top 5 in all major categories: cardiology, cancer, and orthopedics over the past two years. Not being a large metro city as the prior three cities means the volume of jobs are not there. However, the ability to visit three states in a short car ride means there is no shortage of adventure.

5) Boston, MA

Rounding out the top 5 is Boston. The fun factor is high here. From the rich American history, to the culture, to activities, Boston offers a lot to do when you are not working as a travel nurse. The cost of living is higher here than any other city in the top 5. However, there are numerous medical and research facilities located in the Longwood Medical and Academic Area. Most of these facilities are affiliated with universities. Boston General and The Dana Farber Cancer Institute are the top-rated hospitals in the city. Both provide plenty of opportunity and wonderful experience for travel nurses.

Top 50 Cities For Travel Nurses in 2018: Cities 6 – 10 For Travel Nurses in 2018

The top 50 cities for travel nurses in 2018 was a difficult list to put together. Being just out of the top 5 means these cities are no slouch. They all have highly rated hospitals, offer plenty of opportunities, and provide fun things to do when you’re not working.

6) Los Angeles, CA

California is certainly a hotbed for travel nurses. The opportunity, the weather, and activates outweigh high cost of living. Highly recognized hospitals like UCLA Medical Center and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center make Los Angeles a desire for a travel nurse.

7) Philadelphia, PA

Another city where people disregard the high cost of living over opportunity. There are two prestige hospitals in U Penn and Thomas Jefferson University. Philadelphia is also home to one of the largest and most recognized children’s hospitals in the country. Pediatric nursing jobs are never in short supply in Philadelphia.

8) Salem, OR

The number of nursing jobs has increased by 32% in Salem, OR over the last 5 years. While it didn’t crack the top facility by U.S. News, Salem Hospital has seven high-performing specialties. Salem also offers a higher than average salary. Given the opportunity and salary, Salem is certainly on the list of top 50 cities for travel nurses in 2018.

9) New York, NY

There is no way we could have a list of top 50 cities for travel nurses in 2018 and not include New York. The city that never sleeps offers something for everyone. Where New York has marks against it in things like cost of living, it makes up for other ways. There is no shortage of activities to do in the Big Apple. Transportation via subway, car, or train makes it easy to navigate the city. Top hospitals are always in demand. New York travel nurses could work at hospitals like New York-Presbyterian, Hospital for Special Surgery, or Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

10) Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor offers a lot to a travel nurse. Great facilities. University of Michigan headlines the top hospitals in this growing city. University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers made the top hospitals over the past two years. There is also a growth in demand for the nursing profession. Recording the study’s eighth-best location quotient (1.96), a metric that speaks to the demand for a given profession’s demand within the city

Top 50 Cities For Travel Nurses in 2018: Cities 11 – 20 For Travel Nurses in 2018

There are so many great cities for travel nurses in 2018 to work. These cities provide a lot of benefits for travel nurses in 2018. Award winning hospitals, amazing activities, great food, low cost of living. California is well represented in this group of top cities for travel nurses in 2018. With the great weather, high salaries, and nurse friendly hospitals, California offers a lot to travel nurses in 2108. Texas is another state with multiple top 50 cities for travel nurses in 2018 that fit in this ranking. Any city in this ranking would be a great place for any travel nurse in 2018.

11) San Diego, CA

12) San Francisco, CA

13) Dallas, TX

14) Chicago, IL

15) Seattle, WA

16) San Antonio, TX

17) Baltimore, MD

18) Austin, TX

19) Phoenix, AZ

20) Santa Clara, CA

Top 50 Cities For Travel Nurses in 2018: Cities 21 – 30 For Travel Nurses in 2018

Explore cities ranked 21 – 30 as the top 50 cities for travel nurses in 2018 and you will bounce your way across the county. But isn’t that part of the fun in being a travel nurse? One assignment you will be rocking a parka and Ugg slippers and then next assignment takes you to enjoy island life. Where these cities might lack top rated hospitals, they make up for in job volume, quality of life, and unique activities.

21) Anchorage, AK

22) Honolulu, HI

23) Nashville, TN

24) Rochester, NY

25) Cincinnati, OH

26) Portland, OR

27) Tulsa, OK

28) Des Moines, IA

29) El Paso, TX

30) Kansas City, MI

Top 50 Cities For Travel Nurses in 2018: Cities 31 – 40 For Travel Nurses in 2018

We don’t want you to miss out on some of best spots in the country. That is why we are still adding more cities to our list of the top 50 cities for travel nurses in 2018. These cities provide many opportunities for travel nurses while working in some of our nation’s most popular cities. Who knows, you might come here for a travel assignment and up making it a permanent move.

31) Washington, DC

32) St. Petersburg, FL

33) Denver, CO

34) Charleston, SC

35) Fresno, CA

36) Atlanta, GA

37) Sacramento, CA

38) Riverside, CA

39) Redding, CA

40) Lawrence, MA

Top 50 Cities For Travel Nurses in 2018: Cities 41 – 50 For Travel Nurses in 2018

This is the last group top 50 cities for travel nurses in 2018. Even though these cities are last on the list, they still represent amazing places for travel nurses to take one or multiple assignments in 2018. If one of your preferred locations isn’t available, check out one of these great cities for a travel nurse assignment in 2018.

41) New Haven, CT

42) Worcester, MA

43) Oxnard, CA

44) Providence, RI

45) Detroit, MI

46) Tacoma, WA

47) Camden, NJ

48) Modesto, CA

49) Columbus, OH

50) Greenville, NC

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