As population ages, the demand for skilled nurses grows. But don’t just take our word for it. US News listed Registered Nurse in their list of the 25 Best Jobs of 2019. With the nursing career growing, the question most people weigh is travel nurse vs full-time perm nurse. The fact is, many nurses are turning to travel nursing due to a variety of benefits. This article covers the difference between travel nurse vs full-time perm nurse.

Travel Nurse vs Full-Time Perm Nurse

“It’s about the adventure and experience,” said Host Healthcare Recruiter Kaylan Duffy stated. “When I speak with prospective travelers it’s the #1 thing, I tell them. And when I hear from active travel nurses it’s the #1 thing, they said that they love most about being a traveler.”

Host Healthcare travel nurse Tara echoed these comments. “I love that while I’m on assignment, I can take mini trips on my days off. Want to fly to San Francisco for a couple days with a friend? It’s possible as a travel nurse.”

Other reasons why people select travel nursing when weighing travel nurse vs full-time perm nurse is the ability to grow their career. Host Healthcare travel nurse Wendy mentioned she enjoys meeting new people during her assignments. “I love meeting new people. As a travel nurse, I get to see and do things they’ve never seen or done before and that’s exciting.”

Top Benefits of Being A Travel Nurse

As mentioned, there are plenty of travel nurse benefits.

  • Make more money. When you add up all the benefits and allowances, you can make 20% more as a travel nurse vs full-time perm nurse.
  • Try before you buy. Most travel nurse assignments are 13-weeks. If you don’t like the location or the specifics of your job, good news is that it ends soon and you can move onto the next assignment.
  • Reimbursements. The cost for travel nurses can add up between license, travel and scrubs. As a travel nurse, these expenses can be reimbursed, especially when you work with Host Healthcare.
  • See the world. Travel nurse assignments allow you to have time between assignments. This time can allow you to travel and see different places within the country or if you can plan it well enough, even see the world.

Host Healthcare Travel Nurse

Hopefully you enjoyed reading our 7 nursing trends of 2019. Host Healthcare offers an extensive list of travel nurse jobs. Call one of our friendly recruiters at (844) 812-6757. We are here to help you to get started.

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