According to a recent report by US News, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapist, and Speech Language Pathologist are three of the 25 best jobs of 2019. With the demand and opportunity, the question many are asking is travel therapist vs full-time per therapist. There are several travel therapy benefits that are helping people become travel therapists. This article outlines the travel therapist vs full-time perm therapist.

Travel Therapist vs Full-Time Perm Therapist

“The adventure and experience are common reasons I hear,” said Host Healthcare travel therapy recruiter Jordan Lerner when asked why his travel therapists pick being a travel therapist vs full-time perm therapist. Our travel therapists echoed this same reason when asked what made them want to become a travel therapist.

Lauren said, “What made me want to become a physical therapist is the ability to explore new areas both geographically and within the field of PT.” Travel therapist Jacob answered the question similarly. “I choose to become a travel therapist for the experience. You learn more, see more, and get to do more when you are a traveler.”

Top Benefits of Being A Travel Therapist

There are many benefits to becoming a travel therapist. Some of the most common benefits include:

  • You make more money as a travel therapist vs full-time perm therapist.
  • A new grad, travel therapist working with Host Healthcare can get their tuition reimbursed.
  • Try different settings. If you aren’t sure what settings you want to work, being a travel therapist allows you to try a few settings before you commit.
  • Live in different cities. Being a travel therapist allows you to try living in different cities before you commit to a city.

Host Healthcare Travel Therapist

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this article around travel therapy vs full-time perm therapist. If you are interested in being a travel therapist, you are in the right spot. Host Healthcare offers an extensive list of travel therapy jobs. In addition, call specific recruiter directly or if you don’t have a recruiter, call (844) 812-8094 and one of our friendly recruiters will be happy to help.

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