2018 Travelers of The Month

By Kyle Sandsmark | December 26, 2018

At Host Healthcare, we truly value our travelers. It is our travelers that drives our innovation and our commitment to offer world-class customer support. One small way we pay tribute to our travelers is via our travelers of the month. Check out our 2018 travelers of the month. If you want to see more than just our 2018 travelers of the month, check out our complete list of travelers of the month.

2018 Travelers of The Month

Our first traveler of the month in 2018 was Donald Thomas. Donald is a travel therapist with us who said his favorite thing about being a traveler is being able to experience working with different people, from different walks of life, as well as to be able to get as much experience in the field as I can in a short period of time.

Our next travelers of the month include:

  • Tara McCalla who says her favorite place traveling was Hot Springs, Arkansas.
  • Kenita Davis said if she had a super power it would be flying.
  • Jacob Lay said what made him travel was the travel experience and the extra money.
  • Rebekah Brewer said her guilty pleasure after a long shift is watching historical dramas on Netflix.
  • Tracy Duong said what got her over her fears of being a traveler is her “bomb” recruiter Kaylan.
  • Wendy Walston said her favorite thing about being a traveler is meeting new people.
  • Paige Klein said her favorite place she’s visited as a traveler is Glacier National Park.
  • Tina Schaumbug also said her super power would be flying.
  • Lee Myrdal was a new grad traveler and said he was so glad to take the leap and become a traveler.
  • Sierra Holst used the word “extradentary” when asked to describe her recruiter in one word.
  • Lauren Szmak said what made her want to become a traveler is to explore new areas both geographically and within the field of PT.

Thank you again to all of our travelers for working with us. We hope everyone had a great 2018 and a happy 2019.

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