As a traveling healthcare provider, you have the opportunity to enjoy the best of what every city has to offer. If you happen to be a temporary Phoenix resident, you can spend the weekend being pampered in one of its upscale resorts. If you’re more of an outdoor enthusiast, you might prefer to hike the Phoenix mountains or give rock climbing a shot.

Even with such a wide variety of exciting things to do, you might still be wondering, is Phoenix a good place to live for those setting out on new travel nursing jobs

It certainly is! In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know if you’re interested in living in Phoenix, AZ., including some of the best neighborhoods, places to see, and everything in between.

Where to Live: Neighborhoods to Live in Phoenix, Arizona

There are so many neighborhoods to choose from in Phoenix Arizona, so how do you know which one is right for you and how to find housing as a travel nurse?

Here are some of the best neighborhoods in the city:

Willo Historic District

Smack dab in the heart of Phoenix, this aptly named historic neighborhood is lined with a blend of historical architectural styles like Spanish Colonial and Tudor-inspired. After walking down the palm tree-studded streets, take your pick of some of the nearby alluring attractions:

  • Arizona Science Center
  • Phoenix Art Museum
  • Heard Museum

Downtown Phoenix

Live in the buzzing city center where you can comfortably eat, sleep, and play to your heart’s content. With apartments that boast panoramic views of Downtown Phoenix, provide easy access to its public transit railway system, and offer a nightlife your 20-year-old self would swoon over, Downtown Phoenix offers a cornucopia of excitement.

Once you get settled in, feel free to start exploring your neighborhood. You may even realize how easy it is to find new friends as a travel nurse in this new location. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Wander over to the historic neighboring districts, Roosevelt Row and Grand Avenue.
  • Make a list of the craft beers you want to try. During your stay, check them off as you visit each brewery.
  • Attend the area’s First Friday Art Walk, home to a burgeoning art scene full of galleries and murals.


Scottsdale offers a true slice of southwestern living. Wake up in the middle of the Sonoran Desert, enjoy the sunrise with a steaming cup of coffee, and then start your day with a stroll through the Old Town Scottsdale. Part of the metropolitan area, Scottsdale is a suburban neighborhood with a laidback come-and-go-as-you-please vibe. It also boasts Western-style boutiques and eateries.

Check out some of these other attractions while you’re here:1

  • Butterfly Wonderland
  • McDowell Sonoran Preserve
  • Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center

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Cost of Living in Phoenix, Arizona

If you know how much your new city is going to cost, it can help you plan an appropriate budget for your travel nurse adventures. Here are the average costs of some typical monthly expenses in Phoenix:

  • Rent – If you’re interested in staying downtown, the average rent of a one-bedroom unit will cost around $1,413 per month. However, if sticking to a budget is more your style, you can search in the surrounding areas and find an apartment for about $1,102 per month.
  • Groceries – The cost of grocery staples is pretty standard in Phoenix. A quart of milk is $.77, a loaf of bread is $2.89, and a dozen eggs will set you back about $2.83.
  • Utilities – If you’re living in Phoenix, AZ on your own, you can expect utilities to cost around $128 each month.
  • Childcare – If you’ve got little ones to send to daycare or preschool, the average in Phoenix is quite steep. On average, it costs about $1,018 per month.

Places to Explore: Phoenix Edition

Whether you’ve got a few hours to spare after a long shift or you find yourself with an entire day of free time, Phoenix and the surrounding areas offer plenty of places waiting to be discovered. Here are a few fan favorites:

Roosevelt Row

If you’re jonesing for a little creativity in your life or looking to really find yourself as a travel nurse, let Roosevelt Row entice you to its funky, artistic neck of the city. This local (and visitor) favorite is nestled between the streets of downtown—you’ll know you’ve arrived when you see the colorful street art covering the area.

Take your time ogling the artwork as you walk down the streets of Roosevelt Row. Once you’ve had your fill, it’s time to fill up your tank at one of the locally-owned restaurants. With options ranging from tacos to pizza, it’ll be hard to stop at just one.


A brisk, two-hour drive from Phoenix will take you directly to the majestic red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. Surround yourself with the contrasting colors of the red-orange foundation mixed with the green of the thorny cacti and experience for yourself why Phoenix residents and visitors alike call it a magical place.

If the scenery itself isn’t a big enough draw, here are a few other reasons to love Sedona:2

  • Outdoor activities – There are many enticing options for adventure seekers, including hiking, biking trails, hot air balloon rides, and more.
  • Spiritual enlightenment – Known as a spiritual mecca, Sedona is the perfect place to find a quiet place to meditate, recharge your batteries, and rediscover some inner peace.
  • Native American culture – Choose from multiple tours with an experienced guide that can provide you with the Native American history and culture of those  who once lived in and around Sedona.

Grand Canyon

You can’t be in Arizona for any length of time and not visit the Grand Canyon. That’s like going to Hollywood, but not seeing the Hollywood sign—except worse—because it’s one of the seven wonders of the world. It’s a mustsee.

There are two different sections of the Grand Canyon, The North and South Rim. The South Rim is closer, and it’ll take a little over three hours to get there. Once you set your sights on that first panoramic view of the canyon, you’ll be so happy you made the drive.

After you’ve taken your first batch of photos, here are some other activities to cover while you’re there:3

  • Rim Trail
  • Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon
  • Grand Canyon Village

Best Restaurants in Phoenix

Although you’re sure to come across many delectable pizza parlors, hamburger joints, and Mexican restaurant establishments in Phoenix, here are some of the best places to add to your restaurant list:

Rodizio Grill

Rodizio Grill offers authentic Brazilian-style grilled meats that will make your mouth water. Watch as servers bring you a variety of rotisserie-style meats and serve them tableside from the skewer. Yes, right in front of you!

As you’re filling your plate with deliciously grilled meat, you can also enjoy unlimited salads, freshly cooked sides, and house-made desserts. Someone might need to roll you home, but it’ll all be worth it.

Stoop Kid

This is the place to go if you’re in a hurry and are adamant about receiving fabulous fare. With its freaky fast window service, you can be in and out without ever actually getting out of your car.

If you’re on your way to work in the morning, drive by for a coffee and classic bagel and schmear, or go bold with the Money Shot. (You won’t be sorry). When you realize you’re hungry and want a pick-me-up after a long shift, drive right back for one of their juicy burgers.

Ladera Taverna y Cocina

Pick from an extensive menu at this cocina, there they offer a twist on modern Mexican cuisine. From carne asada tacos to baja enchiladas, there’s a perfect dish for everyone. Pro tip—don’t forget about their drink menu. You can’t go wrong with a classic Pinche Paloma (or two).

Fun Things To Do in Phoenix

There are days you want to stay in bed curled up with a good book, and there are other days when you may hear adventure calling your name. On those days, here are a few fun things for you to do in the Phoenix area:

Goldfield Ghost Town

Immerse yourself in the history of this historic gold mining town and discover how it earned its eerie name. Strut down Main Street and peek inside some of the old shops and historic buildings like true Phoenix residents, then choose from some of the other attractions of Goldfield Ghost town, such as:4

  • Taking a guided tour through the mines
  • Getting up close and personal with some spooky stories, if you dare
  • Experiencing the town from above on a zipline

Tonto National Forest

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and ground yourself. What better place to do that than Tonto National Forest, where there are over 600,000 acres of wilderness available for you to firmly plant your feet.5 From hiking and biking to overnight camping adventures, this is the serene escape you didn’t even know you needed.

Tips for Moving to Phoenix

Looking for advice for moving to a new city? Before you begin packing your bags, here are some suggestions to help you prepare for living in Phoenix:

  • Prepare for the busy season – Winter and spring are Phoenix’s busiest times for visitors. With ideal temperatures in the 70s and sunny skies for days (over 300 days out of the year, in fact), you can expect the Valley of the Sun to be more congested during its busy season.
  • Keep yourself hydrated – With temperatures rising above 100 degrees in the summer, it’s essential to drink enough water each day.6 Consider investing in a refillable water bottle and creating the habit of taking it with you every time you leave your apartment.
  • Apply your sunscreen – Take your sunscreen with you, everywhere. The sun shines bright in Phoenix most days of the year, so it’s important to protect your skin. Keep a travel-sized sunscreen in your purse so you have it on hand and can reapply throughout the day.

Find Your Next Great Adventure in Phoenix with Host Healthcare

Whether this is your first time as a travel healthcare professional or you’ve been traveling from place to place for years, Phoenix can give you everything you’re looking for. From its red rocks to its sunny disposition, it’s the total package, and in your line of work—it’s possible.

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