Core Value Winner Caitlin

By Kyle Sandsmark | December 14, 2019

Every month we recognize one outstanding Host Healthcare employee for embodying our core values. This month’s core value winner Caitlin, embodies our core value of Driven by Excellence. As defined by our core values – we pledge be the best, not because it’s expected, but because it’s who we are. Caitlin has worked at Host Healthcare for two years and is a big part of the Host Healthcare family. We are very lucky to have Caitlin part of the Host Healthcare team. Let’s learn more about Caitlin.

Core Value Winner Caitlin

Core Value Winner CaitlinCongratulations to Caitlin for being nominated and selected as this month’s ‘Certificate of Awesomeness’ related to the Driven by Excellence! Here are some things Caitlin’s co-workers had to say about her:

  • Caitlin Pullen is one of Host’s top recruiters, in large part through her embracing the mentality of “Driven by Excellence –we pledge to be the best, not because it’s expected, but because it is who we are.” Caitlin has embraced this mentality not only in recruitment, but in everything she does at Host. From her organized and well-managed desk to the lasting relationships she fosters with her travelers, Caitlin has raised the standard for the type of service we offer at Host and what sets us apart in the industry.
  • Caitlin demonstrates the core value of Driven by Excellence in the way she handles all aspects of her business. She effectively communicates her expectations, so travelers and other team members benefit and meet on her level of excellence. Caitlin sets the example for making preparations and working hard to earn rewards. She is especially excellent at pre-closing!
  • Caitlin mirrors excellence in her work, work ethic, and connections she has with her travelers. She looks at things from different perspectives to handle situations wholeheartedly and professionally. Her proactive approach to work helps prevent possible miscommunications or problems down the line which is always extremely helpful to all departments!
  • Caitlin Pullen is so thorough in her work and really drives herself everyday to be excellent! She offers tips, have great reviews and is amazing at her job.

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Why Host Healthcare: Our team members in the office are champions in the industry and we only work with the best travelers who are dedicated to their field of work. These two factors combined make me excited to come into work every day to build a company dedicated to creating great experiences for everyone we encounter.

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