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October Traveler of the Month: Britni Maffesoli

By Host Team | October 19, 2017

Congratulations to our featured traveler Britni Maffesoli. Our featured traveler Britni Maffesoli is a travel Occupational Therapist with Host Healthcare and our featured Traveler of the Month for October! We asked her recruiter, Kevin, to write about why he nominated her for Traveler of the Month: “Britni is a dream traveler. Leaping into adventure straight out of school and embracing it from the beginning. I promised her somewhere warm for her first assignment, one would think Texas would be warmer then Michigan. My prediction was so wrong, however, she still had a great attitude and forgave me for not being able to control the weather. Her supervisors always rave about her dedication to patient care and positivity she brings. Truly a great OT!”

Q: If you could have one super power what would it be and why?

A: I would have the ability to fly so that I’d be able to see the world more readily. I could come and go as I pleased and not have to worry about the hassle of booking an airplane ticket.

Q: What has been your favorite experience since you have been traveling?

A: I’ve loved meeting new people and exploring new areas. I feel so lucky to have made such amazing friends throughout!

Q: What has been one of your favorite places/spots you have visited while on assignment?

A: Lake Tahoe, it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. The lake is absolutely pristine. Also there is tons of hiking and mountain biking trails that offer amazing views of the lake and nature. It’s a hard place to top.

Q: What made you want to try travel therapy?

A: I’ve lived in the same city my entire life, I was ready to break out of my shell and explore the world. I wanted to see new things and experience new cultures and get out of comfort zone.

Q: What was one thing you were scared of before your first assignment and how did you combat that?

A: I was afraid of being on my own completely. I’ve always had someone close by, family and friends, to help me and keep me company. My first assignment I moved across the country to a place where I knew absolutely no one and no family or friends within 500 miles of me. It was terrifying and exciting all at the same time. I overcame this by forcing myself to be more outgoing and really getting to know the people at work. They opened their arms to me and made me a part of their family.

Q: What is your guilty pleasure after a long day at work?

A: Laying down on the couch and turning on a Netflix binge marathon.

Q: What is one word that sums up your recruiter, Kevin?

A: Awesome!!

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