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October Travel Therapist of the Month – Jeremy Butz

By Host Team | November 1, 2017

Congratulations to our featured traveler Jeremy Butz. Our featured traveler Jeremy Butz is a DPT and is our featured traveler of the month in October 2016.

Featured Traveler Jeremy Butz: A few words from his recruiter Brendan

“Jeremy is not only an exceptional PT, but also an outstanding person to work with. He has demonstrated the ability to be flexible, hard-working, open to new experiences, among other things. We were able to land Jeremy his first assignment in December 2015, however he and I had been in contact months prior. He is truly a fun and very interesting guy.

He runs marathons, hikes some of the most beautiful mountain ranges the southwest U.S. has to offer, maintains a full-time PT schedule, and occasionally takes a few moments to relax with his dog, Wyatt (who he picked up as a travel companion) to watch his beloved Chicago Cubs. In between assignments, Jeremy takes full advantage of his time off.  He took a two week trip to Italy in July, and heads to Iceland for a week next month. I feel very luck to work with Jeremy and I greatly enjoy our relationship.”

We asked our featured traveler Jeremy Butz about his experiences while on assignment

Q: What has been your favorite experience since you have been traveling?

A: My favorite experience since I have been travelling has been exploring the country with my close friends and family. Ironically, travelling alone has provided many opportunities for extended time with my friends all of over the country. I have been lucky enough to share long road trips from NYC to Chicago and Denver to Tucson with old college friends as well as a few long drives with my father.

Q: What has been one of your favorite places/spots you have visited while on assignment?

A: It’s difficult to pick just one place that is my favorite! However, Northern Arizona(Flagstaff/Sedona/Grand Canyon) is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. There is an incredible diversity of beauty from incredible mountain hiking to Grand Canyon National Park it’s impossible not to be amazed wherever you are in that area.

We asked our featured traveler Jeremy Butz about what got him into travel and about his first assignment

Q: What made you want to try travel therapy?

A: When travel therapy was first mentioned to me when I was in PT school it was appealing, but I wanted to get a little experience before I hit the road. I loved the idea of being able to explore different parts of the country, work in different settings, and make a little extra money. However, the top reason I decided to travel was for flexibility. Being able to take extended vacations between assignments, avoid winter, or seek out different experiences around this immense country made it an easy decision for me.

Q: What was one thing you were scared of before your first assignment and how did you combat that?

A: I think any time you start a new job, whether it’s a full-time position or a 13-week assignment there is an element of nerves and fear. My first full-time job was in a big, city hospital. My first travel assignment was covering 2 SNFs in central Texas and my biggest fear was being the only PT in the facility and having less guidance from fellow PTs working in the same facility.

Q: What is your guilty pleasure after a long day at work?

A: After particularly long days at work I like to get outside and do something physical. Whether it’s a short hike or going to the batting cages to let off some steam being outdoors in nice weather always gets me back in a good mood. Also ice cream.

We asked our featured traveler Jeremy Butz about his recruiter

Q: What is one word that sums up your recruiter, Brendan?

A: Flexible. Brendan has been absolutely incredible to work with. My short term and long term plans are constantly changing and Brendan has done a great job adapting to my whims. At the same time, he has provided me with appealing work opportunities in the locations I requested. He is always prompt, knowledgeable about any issue I have, and quick to respond to any query I have, regardless of how trivial.


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