Featured Traveler of the Month Karlen

By Host Healthcare | November 23, 2019

This month’s featured traveler of the month Karlen certainly deserves to be recognized. Everyone at Host from his recruiter Kayana to the operations team, thinks Karlen is well-deserving of this honor. His recruiter Kayana says, “Karlen is a great example of what we are looking for in a Host traveler. Even through adversary, Karlen always has a positive attitude and is one of my favorite people to chat with. Karlen travels in his RV and is always sending pictures of his fun holiday decorations.” We are very lucky to have Karlen as a Host Healthcare traveler. Let’s learn more about this amazing person.

Featured Traveler of the Month Karlen

1) If you could have one super power what would it be and why?
Wow, a superpower, well, I’m a Nurse, father, Grandpa and I love bacon. Are there really any other superpowers?

What’s Been Your Favorite Travel Experience?

2) What has been your favorite experience since you have been traveling?
Hmm, my favorite experience, I have gotten to help instruct and unofficially mentor a few new nurses and student nurses.

What’s The Best Place You’ve Visited?

3) What has been your favorite places/spots you have visited while on assignment?
My current assignment is in Clarkston Washington. Approximately 30 miles from the small community of Pomeroy Washington. I worked as a wildland firefighter almost 30 years ago in Pomeroy. I had an opportunity to drive around and see some of the places I knew as a firefighter..

Why Travel?

4) What made you want to try being a travel nurse?
I have been interested in travelling for as long as I can remember. Spent 4 weeks touring Europe with family in high school. Fast forward to 2018. My youngest graduated from high school, and I received a windfall of cash. I was able to purchase a travel trailer and pickup to haul it and decided it was time to see other places while I was young enough to enjoy it.

Any Travel Fears?

5) What was one thing you were scared of before your first assignment, and how did you combat that?
What scared me about traveling? This may sound lame, but, I’m afraid of getting lost in a new town & hospital. I’ve been in a 300 bed hospital and a 40 bed hospital. But, they are all built in a maze configuration. I have gone to the facility the day before my assignment starts and try to get my bearings straight.

How Do You Unwind After A Busy Day?

6) What is a guilty pleasure after a long day at work?
I have a small humidor with some Arturo Feunte cigars and a small collection of tobacco pipes and some very tasty cherry Cavendish tobacco. Nice and relaxing after a rough night. Another thing I do, this time of year, is I put out Christmas lights. I kinda want my place (either home or my trailer) to be seen from the moon…….

How Would You Describe Your Recruiter?

7) What is one word that describes your recruiter, Kat?
How do I describe her with only 1 word????? That’s tough. She’s smart. Passionate, thorough, energetic and enthusiastic. To me,she is my Cheerleader. And I adore her

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