Featured Traveler of the Month Maranda

By Kyle Sandsmark | July 24, 2019

Every month, we recognize one of our amazing travelers as we name them our featured traveler of the month. This month’s featured traveler of the month Maranda is well deserving of this honor! Maranda is a CT Tech who has taken three assignments with Host so far. Maranda’s recruiter Nash calls Maranda a “great traveler!” “Everyone who works with her at Host absolutely loves working with her. She is very friendly and professional. We are lucky to have her a traveler with Host.” Let’s learn more about this amazing Host traveler Maranda.

Featured Traveler of the Month Maranda

1) If you could have one super power what would it be and why?
Teleportation would be a time saver. To instantly be in a new location in a matter of minutes would help strengthen my relationships with my family, boyfriend, and friends.

What’s Been Your Favorite Travel Experience?

2) What has been your favorite experience since you have been traveling?
Seeing the excitement on my mom’s face when I took her to Hawaii with me. We are constantly marking things off her bucket list.

What’s The Best Place You’ve Visited?

3) What has been your favorite places/spots you have visited while on assignment?
Each place has a special place in my heart because of the people I have met. Grand Rapids, MI hospital was my favorite hospital because of all the knowledge I accrued. As for outside of work there is a little hangout called Sam’s hideaway that I absolutely fell in love with in Kona, HI. Mingling with the locals and seeing such a diverse blend of cultures and ethnicities just hang out and have fun together was an incredible experience.

Why Travel?

4) What made you want to try being a travel CT Tech?
I wanted to experience new cultures and locations. I also wanted to learn new technology and procedures from the various hospitals, technologist, and radiologists.

Any Travel Fears?

5) What was one thing you were scared of before your first assignment, and how did you combat that?
Being away from my family. I am very family oriented and have always lived close to them. Phone conversations and face time have been a huge help in combatting homesickness.

How Do You Unwind After A Busy Day?

6) What is a guilty pleasure after a long day at work?
Chocolate chip cookies and milk

How Would You Describe Your Recruiter?

7) What is one word that describes your recruiter, Nash?
Phenomenal! Love you girl!

Featured Traveler of the Month Maranda
Featured Traveler of the Month Maranda
Featured Traveler of the Month Maranda
Featured Traveler of the month Maranda

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