Featured Traveler of the Month Oliver

By Kyle Sandsmark | August 26, 2019

Every month, we recognize one of our amazing travelers as we name them our featured traveler of the month. This month’s featured traveler of the month Oliver, is well deserving of this honor! Oliver has completed 10 assignments with Host Healthcare and truly resembles what it means to be a traveler. Everyone who works with Oliver says he is an absolute pleasure to work with. We are lucky to have Oliver as a traveler with Host.” Let’s learn more about this amazing Host traveler Oliver.

Featured Traveler of the Month Oliver

1) If you could have one super power what would it be and why?
Power to grant infinite wishes. The possibility of making dreams come true, achieving goals, healing illnesses, and just by helping people overcome difficulties, etc… This kind of power can be very satisfying emotionally, physically and financially. Imagine a sick cancer patient being healed, a poor orphan kid being adopted by a loving family, or just simply granting a wish of an elderly couple reunite with their family on holidays, can be bring joy and happiness in people’s lives.

What’s Been Your Favorite Travel Experience?

2) What has been your favorite experience since you have been traveling?
Taking my mother and her 90 year old sister to Hawaii during my assignment in the big island. Being with the locals and the Hawaiian culture is very humbling and wonderful experience. The patients are very grateful and respectful.

What’s The Best Place You’ve Visited?

3) What has been your favorite places/spots you have visited while on assignment?
The top three places I have enjoyed the most are Southpoint (the southernmost point of the USA) Hawaii. There is a volcano hike I did right before it erupted. I also really like Lake Tahoe.

Why Travel?

4) What made you want to try being a travel nurse?
It helped me move on from the depressing death of my wife who died of cancer.

Any Travel Fears?

5) What was one thing you were scared of before your first assignment, and how did you combat that?
Learning the computer system. I just asked a lot of questions and seek help from full time staffs to navigate the EMR.

How Do You Unwind After A Busy Day?

6) What is a guilty pleasure after a long day at work?
Secret… joke! The gym

How Would You Describe Your Recruiter?

7) What is one word that describes your recruiter, Nash?

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