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Featured Travelers of the Month Giselle and David

By Kyle Sandsmark | October 12, 2019

Every month, we recognize one of our amazing travelers as our featured traveler of the month. This month’s featured travelers of the month Giselle and David are both well deserving of this honor! Both are amazing travel nurses with Host Healthcare. But beyond their amazing skills as travel nurses, they are also amazing people. Their recruiter Caitlin has nothing but nice things to say about this amazing travel pair. “Giselle and David are amazing people. They are great to work with, super communicative, always work hard to do everything right including compliance before starting.” We are lucky to have our featured travelers of the month Giselle and David part of the Host Healthcare family. Let’s learn more about them.

Featured Travelers of the Month Giselle and David

1) If you could have one super power what would it be and why?
Giselle – I would have to go with being able to fly so I could visit all the places I want to see quicker!
David – I would have to say the ability to fly. I would be able to get around much faster and never have to worry about waiting in line at the airport again.

What’s Been Your Favorite Travel Experience?

2) What has been your favorite experience since you have been traveling?
Giselle – I’ve loved being able to meet new people and visit places I’ve never been to. It’s exciting arriving to a new area and getting to explore!
David – Just getting to explore all the areas we have been too. It honestly has felt like a never ending vacation since we have started

What’s The Best Place You’ve Visited?

3) What has been your favorite places/spots you have visited while on assignment?
Giselle – My most favorite place I have visited is Victoria, Canada. It was absolutely beautiful with all the gardens and water views. I could seriously live there one day! I also enjoyed driving through the mountains to Yosemite National Park. It was breathtaking!
David – My favorite spots so far have been downtown Seattle, Yosemite, and Victoria, Canada.

Why Travel?

4) What made you want to try being a travel nurse?
Giselle – I had lived in Florida my whole life and worked for only one hospital since I started my nursing career. I wanted the chance to see how it would be working at different hospitals and visit areas I would be interested in moving to!
David – I wanted to get out and see more of the country. I had lived for 12 years In Florida and loved traveling anyways so this opportunity was perfect.

Any Travel Fears?

5) What was one thing you were scared of before your first assignment, and how did you combat that?
Giselle – I think I was just scared of change. I was scared of possibly not being able to adjust to a new hospital in a new area. I kept an open mind and realized change isn’t always a bad thing as I loved my first assignment! Keeping a positive attitude is a must plus it was easier having a travel partner to experience the adventure with!
David – Just it being a huge change. I had worked so long at my past job and was used to my routine but that was part of my reason for wanting to do this. I was excited for something different.

How Do You Unwind After A Busy Day?

6) What is a guilty pleasure after a long day at work?
Giselle – Definitely chocolate and a glass of wine!
David – Probably a beer and some video games

How Would You Describe Your Recruiter?

7) What is one word that describes your recruiter, Caitlin?
David – Amazing

Featured Travelers of the Month Giselle and David
Featured Travelers of the Month Giselle and David
Featured Travelers of the Month Giselle and David

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