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Host Healthcare Special Day Winner Erin

By Kyle Sandsmark | August 28, 2019

At Host Healthcare, we always try to recognize and celebrate our amazing team members. One way we do this is via our “Special Days.” Our latest Host Healthcare special day winner Erin, is well deserving of this recognition. Erin has been with Host Healthcare for 3 years and is a key part of the recruitment team. Erin leads by example and takes people under her wing to show them the ways. We are so glad to have Erin part of the Host Healthcare family. Congrats Erin!

Host Healthcare Special Day Winner Erin

Here are a few things we did to do celebrate Erin special day:

Host Healthcare Special Day Winner Erin

Some fun facts about Erin:

  • She constantly needs to stay caffeinated.
  • States that she functions best when in a state of chaos.
  • Her favorite things in the whole world are her dogs.
  • Her favorite sport is pure barre.
  • Fun fact: Erin became a recruiter at Host after her sister (who was a traveler) talked with her recruiter and got her an interview.

Here are a few things you can do to celebrate Marissa’s special day

  • Get her a good bottle of wine or something highly caffeinated!
  • Go with her to a Mexican or out for sushi
  • Binge some Dateline, Forensic Files, Law & Order, SVU, or anything true crime on Netflix

Congrats to Erin for being this month’s Special Day winner! Thanks for everything you do for Host, Erin!

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