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Host Healthcare Special Day Winner Sherri

By Kyle Sandsmark | October 30, 2019

Every month we recognize and celebrate one of our amazing team members through an event called “Special Days.” This month’s Host Healthcare Special Day winner Sherri is well-deserving of this recognition. Sherri recently celebrated her one-year anniversary working at Host Healthcare and has become a big part of the Host family. Sherri is a big part of our accounting team and we are lucky to have her working at Host. Thank you Sherri for all you do.

Host Healthcare Special Day Winner Sherri

Here are a few things we did to do celebrate Sherri special day:

Host Healthcare Special Day Winner Sherri

Some fun facts about Sherri:

  • Take her to get some pizza or grab some snacks at Whole foods.
  • Get in the xmas season early with her by watching Elf or Home alone which just so happen to be a few of her favorite movies!

Here are a few things you can do to celebrate Sherri’s special day

  • Her favorite drink is Zevia Diet Cola.
  • Sherri’s favorite thing to snack on are combos and pretzels.
  • Her favorite activity is Jazzercise.
  • Fun fact: Sherri has met 2 of the actors who have boxed with Rocky in the Rocky movies!

Congrats to Sherri for being this month’s Special Day winner! Thanks for everything you do for Host, Sherri!

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