Student loan reimbursement only applies to new travelers under select situations. Contact a Host Healthcare recruiter to learn more. 

One of the most electrifying moments in a college student’s life is graduation. But – student debt is real! Graduation is an exciting time that also comes packaged with stress for the 69% of Americans that took out a student loan1. Student loans are something that impacts employees across generations, not just new graduates. A pivotal study was done in 2018 that found 78% of employees with student loan debt want to work for an employer that offers a student loan reimbursement plan.2

Investing in our employees

We believe in the importance of professional development in the workplace and stand behind companies supporting their new or current employees during their education journey. As the medical field continues to progress, so must learning and education benefits for recent graduates and those who choose continued education after graduation.

At Host Healthcare, we are thrilled to be a company that invests in its healthcare employees and offers a student loan assistance program for full-time travelers, under select situations. We are offering student loan payments of $5,250 in tax-free student loan assistance. Our student loan program covers student loan debt and related expenses for an undergraduate program, a graduate or professional program, or a training certification program from an accredited institution to prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized health care profession. Eligible employees must provide documentation of their student loan obligation (a statement from the last 30 days) along with their loan repayment form. It’s important to note that this money is a part of your existing compensation – it is not additional compensation – this is a way to shelter up to $5,250/year from taxation.

Your professional development is supported and encouraged at Host Healthcare. Did you know that the average graduate nursing student finishes school with student debt between $40,000 and $54,999 and that the average MSN student graduates with an average educational loan of $74,000-$80,500 if they attended a higher education top-tier university?3 When you consider the increasing costs of college education, it’s a smart financial decision to work for a company that offers a student loan reimbursement program. 

A study was conducted that showed employees who continue to learn, or who are currently being educated are happier. These employees were said to have more confidence in their abilities, and the knowledge of being on the right path to accomplishing their goals.4 At Host Healthcare, we want our team members to be happy and confident, and in that spirit (in addition to student loan reimbursement), we offer free RN CEUs. There are hundreds of courses for developing your growth! Personal and professional growth intersect when it comes to learning, and one of our travel nurses experienced that firsthand. 

“I have been a travel nurse with Host Healthcare for 2 years now. Before getting started as a travel nurse, I was very nervous. So many recruiters calling daily. I was drawn instantly to Host Healthcare as an employer and my recruiter. He was not only friendly, but he was also very knowledgeable. He listened to what I said and did not push me down a specific direction like I felt other recruiters did. Now fast forward two years and my experience has been great. Host Healthcare is a fantastic company and I recommend them to all nurses I know. If you are interested in travel or have tried it and not been pleased, do yourself a favor and reach out to Host Healthcare. They will take care of you”.5

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Other Host Healthcare Benefits

We strive to offer amazing benefits beyond what a traveler may receive from a competitor.

Competitive salaries

Travel therapists and nurses can earn up to six figures depending on their specialty, experience, and destination.

Matching 401k for corporate employees

Employees can contribute on their 6 month anniversary or after 1,000 hours of service. After 1 year of service and at least 1,000 hours, we will provide a matching contribution of 100% of employee contribution up to 3% of employee compensation, plus 50% of the amount that exceeds 3% of employee contribution, not to exceed 5%.

Teladoc services

Access to a doctor at any time and anywhere.

24-hour emergency support

Each traveler is given a personal consultant that will continue to support them throughout their journey. They also have access to our staff 24/7 for any emergency support.

License, travel and scrub reimbursements

We reimburse travelers for any state license that they receive as long as they accept a job with us in that state!

Day one medical, dental and vision insurance 

We know insurance is important and that there is an added stress when employees have to wait for it to kick in. That is why we offer insurance coverage from day one on the job!

Deluxe private housing or generous housing stipend

Travelers can live in appealing areas close to their assignment as well as count on us to find accommodations for their family and pets. 

Bonus and referral programs

Hard work deserves to be rewarded, which is why we offer a bonus program for those travelers that complete multiple assignments and a referral program for travelers that recommend other top health care professionals.

Note that these benefits are subject to change at any time 

Invest in yourself

Are you ready to take the best step in your career and become a full-time traveler? Whether the student loan repayment benefit or one of our many other benefits excites you, we are so excited to watch you grow during this journey! If you want more information on current job opportunities or if you are ready to apply to a company that is here to serve your needs, visit our website today or reach out to a Host Healthcare recruiter at 800-585-1299.