A travel therapist is a fun and exciting career. You get to do what you love plus the have the flexibility to travel from state to state gaining amazing experience. We asked some of our travel therapists some about their travel therapist experience. Learn their favorite travel therapist experience, their favorite places to travel, and what made them want to try travel therapy.

Travel Therapist Experience From Travel Therapists

The most common reason why we hear people embark on being a travel therapist is the ability to travel some amazing places. We asked traveler Erica Johnson to share her favorite locations from her travel therapist experience. “I was in Peru, Illinois that is! It is a small town that is very welcoming and inviting. The people there treat you like a member. Of their family, help you dig snow out of your driveway and even stop by to say hello.”

Jenni Adkins explains her favorite place she’s visited was her Iowa travel therapist assignment experience. “Waterloo, Iowa believe it or not. It taught me never to snub your nose at the idea of ANY assignment because they all have something to offer in some way, shape, or form. Iowa had the nicest people, quaintest little towns, and BEST biking trails.”

Jack Castellano liked a bit of adventure during his travel therapist experience. “Mammoth Cave in KY was a great time — Largest Cave in the USA! Got to crawl through tight spots and see incredible sights.”

Travel Therapist Experience: What Made You Want To Travel

While travel is certainly a common reason, there are many reasons why people take a travel therapy assignment. One of the reasons comes from hearing about travel therapy in grad school and wanting to give it a try. Sherri, who has taken four assignments with Host explains her reason, “I remember, even during grad school, having this innate desire to wander the country while helping people and developing myself as a clinician in different settings. And what better way to fully experience each region of the U.S. than to live and work there for at least several months at a time?”

Jeremy had a reason that most people can relate, “Graduation was closing and I didn’t know what type of setting I wanted to work in. When travel therapy was first mentioned to me when I was in PT school it was appealing, but I wanted to get a little experience before I hit the road. I loved the idea of being able to explore different parts of the country, work in different settings, and make a little extra money.”

Britni said she was looking to break out and explore the world. “I’ve lived in the same city my entire life, I was ready to break out of my shell and explore the world. I wanted to see new things and experience new cultures and get out of comfort zone.”

Travel Therapist Experience: What Were You Scared Of During Your First Assignment

One of the adjectives used to describe a travel therapist experience during the first assignment is fear. It’s a new setting, with new people, in a new location. Being afraid is common for all travel therapist. However, there are great ways to combat your fear.

Travel Therapist Elise explains, “I was afraid that since I was a new grad that my first facility was going to expect me to know more than I did. It turned out great though! They trained me, answered questions and were very supportive.”

Another way to combat fear is to be yourself and have confidence in your ability. Travel Therapist Aimee Cardenas says, “I was nervous working with new co-workers. But in staying true to myself, knowing what I could do helped me combat that fear.”

Travel Therapist Experience: What Was Your Favorite Experience

Our travel therapists share a lot of wonderful experiences during their assignments. The ability to help others is very rewarding. Travel Therapist Cassandra Spencer shared her favorite recent experience. “I work primarily in SNFs, all of my patients have amazing stories to tell. Getting to meet these wonderful people everywhere I go and hear their stories is a blessing. They often teach me more than I could ever teach them!”

Kelly talks about how the people she’s met has created lasting relationships. “The best part about working as a traveling therapist has been the incredible people I have met along the way. I have gained many professional, as well as personal, friends through this journey that will be lifelong contacts.”

Hopefully after reading this you are ready to start or continue your career as a travel therapist. Our travel therapists have adjectives like: amazing, unforgettable, time of my life when describing some of their recent travel therapy assignments.

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