Host Healthcare Core Value Winner – Driven By Excellence

By Kyle Sandsmark | June 2, 2019

Every month we recognize one of our team members for going above and beyond representing Host Healthcare and our core values. This month’s Host Healthcare core value winner driven by excellence is Ashley Fairbanks. Ashley is a travel nurse recruiter for Host Healthcare. Ashley is a great part of the Host Healthcare family and certainly worthy of wining the core value winner personal accountability. We are very lucky to have Ashley part of the Host Healthcare team. Let’s learn more about the Host Healthcare core value winner driven by excellence is Ashley.

Host Healthcare Core Value Winner Driven By Excellence

Host Healthcare core value winner driven by excellenceCongratulations to Ashley for being nominated and selected as this month’s ‘Certificate of Awesomeness’ related to the Core Value: Driven By Excellence.

Ashley was unanimously chosen by the Host Culture Committee as the winner for Driven By Excellence. As defined by our core values – Driven by Excellence: We pledge to be the best not because it’s expected, but it’s because who we are. Let’s learn more about why Ashley won this award.

-“Ashley came in and from the start was determined to be the best. She asked lots of questions, shared tips and tricks from her previous role and was extremely driven to rise to the top. Ashley developed a strict routine with great organization and laser focus. She has now been able to share what has worked for her to pass along to her peers.”

-“Ashley strives for high quality placements by recruiting the best candidates and making the best matches for those candidates! She does an excellent job communicating on both sides- directly with traveler and considers client via Account Management. Ashley has a strong sense of pride in her work and it shows! She takes accountability for issues, works with the team to overcome, and moves forward to keep pursuing excellence! She’s driven and a fantastic role model for the team.”

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